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Maharana Pratap Has Been a renowned Rajput warrior and Also a Warrior of Mewar, Rajasthan, at Northwestern India.

One among many best Rajput warriors, he's known for resisting the efforts of this Mughal ruler Akbar to overcome territory. Unlike many other neighboring Rajput rulers, Maharana Pratap over and over repeatedly denied to bow into the powerful Mughals and lasted fighting with till his very last breath. 

A sign of Rajput gallantry, diligence, along with valor, he had been the soul rajput warrior to accept the might of akbar, the mughal emperror. For several his guts, forfeit, and independent soul, he's admired as a hero at Rajasthan.

Childhood and Early Living

Maharana Pratap was born May 9, 1540, at Kumbhalgarh Fort into Jaiwanta Bai along with Udai Singh II. He had a few brothers and 2 step sisters. His dad, Udai Singh II, had been that the king of Mewar along with also his capital has been Chittor.

In 1567, the mughal forces besieged mewar's capital chittor. Rather than fighting the Mughal forces, Udai Singh abandoned the capital shifted his spouse and children Gogunda. 

Even though Pratap resisted the decision and also insisted staying , the priests could persuade him that departing that the region has been that the ideal choice. A short-term administration of this realm of Mewar was founded from Udai Singh along with also his courtiers at Gogunda.

In 1572, shortly following the death of udai singh, rani dheer bai insisted that uday singh's eldest son, jagmal, must be heralded as the king, however, the older courtiers believed that pratap was an improved alternative to take care of the existing postion.This can be the way Pratap triumphed his father for the throne.

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Accession & Reign

After pratap triumphed his father for the throne, his brother jagmal singh, who had been nominated because the crown prince by udai singh declared revenge and the mughal army. The Mughal king Akbar honored him with all town of Jahazpur with all its assist he left.

After the Rajputs abandoned Chittor, Mughals took charge of this area, however their efforts to annex the realm of Mewar remained ineffective. Lots of envoys had been shipped with Akbar strove to negotiate Pratap to attack with an alliance, however that didn't do the job. 

Six diplomatic assignments were shipped from Akbar at 1573 but have been switched from Maharana Pratap. The past of those missions was result by Akbar's brotherinlaw Raja Man Singh. After the initiatives of registering a peace treaty neglected, Akbar created his mind up to handle the powerful Mughal army.

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The Battle of Haldighati

On june18, 1576, the rajput army slipped face to face using all the mughal army under the control of Asaf khan I and Man singh at Haldighati. As stated by historians, it had been one among the fiercest battles ever foughtwith all the Mughal forces outnumbering that the Rajput army. 

The army of mewar has been below the control of Ram shah tanwar along with also his son specifically, Chandrasenji rathore, Rawat krishnadasji Chundawaat, along with Man singh jhala.

The conflict lasted for 3 hours also caused a vast loss in lifestyles over the Mewar facet (somewhere around 1600 troopers ), whereas the Mughals misplaced just 150 troopers and 350 hurt. Maharana Pratap was severely injured but escaped into some neighboring mountains. 

Even though Mughals had been competent to maintain several elements of Mewar, including Gogunda along with also the neighboring areas aside from several elements of Aravellis, these certainly were not able to oust Maharana Pratap who continued to frighten the Mughals during guerrilla strategies.

The moment Akbar's attention changed into other regions, Pratap and his army who arrived from their concealing and productively recovered the hands of western regions of the state.

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Inside the aftermath of Mirza Hakim's incursion to Punjab and also rebellions at Bihar and Bengal, Akbar distracted his focus to address one of these issues. I led at the slackening of Mughal strain on Mewar. Back in 1582, the Mughal article at Dewar has been assaulted and inhabited by Maharana Pratap. 

Akbar transferred into Lahore at 1585 and remained there to help keep your watch about the position from the south-west to its subsequent twelve decades. In that time no Mughal trip has been shipped to Mewar. 

Pratap took good advantage with this circumstance and recovered control within western Mewar, including Gogunda, Kumbhalgarh, and Udaipur. He constructed a new capital at chavand, nearby Dungarpur.


Even the amazing warrior left to its celestial abode 29th January 1597, in age of fifty six, because of accidents sustained throughout his inaugural fight versus the Mughal Empire. His eldest son, Amar singh that succeeded him into the throne of mewar.

Personal Daily Life

Maharana Pratap had eleven wives, five daughters and seventeen sons. But, his favourite wife was that his very first wife called Maharani Ajabde Punwar. He also tied the knot to its very first time at 1557. Back in 1559, his very first son Amar Singh that I, who afterwards succeeded himwas born.

It was stated that Pratap wed ten princesses so as to fortify the Rajput unity. Pratap put in a big portion of his own life and also woods plus it's likewise believed there has been some moment after his family members needed to live. on chappatis manufactured from grass or bud.


Maharana Pratap is considered to become'India's very first freedom fighter,''' because he failed to concede towards the Mughal armies directed by Akbar. Lots of tv shows are made in the daily life and accomplishments of Maharana Pratap.

A historical site devoted to Maharana Pratap, Maharana Pratap Memorial, is located on Top of both Moti Magri, Pearl Hill at Udaipur. It had been constructed by Maharana Bhagwat singh mewar and showcases a high-value bronze statue of this gallant warrior driving his horse "Chetak".

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