Attitude status in english

attitude status in english

attitude status in english, whatsapp attitude status

Nowadays whatsapp video status, instagram status, facebook status these social media status are now trending on social media. In this article, you will get attitude status for boys, attitude status for girls, attitude status in English, joker emotional status, latest attitude for boy and girl. The latest collection of our best status english, cool dude status. I hope you like it and read, share with your friends for whatsapp attitude status.

Attitude whatsapp Status

1. At first, you are going to judge me, by the end, you are going to love me.

2. Life Will Give You Just What You Need, Not What You want.

3. Life is too short. Cant Waste It Removing Pen Drive Safely.

4. I'm a good enough person to FORGIVE you. But maybe not dumb enough to TRUST you!

5. Do not shout over cash. Cash never yells for you.

6. Your attitude is like a price tag, it reveals how precious you are.

7. The weakness of Attitude becomes the weakness of Personality.

8. EXcuse me I discovered something beneath my sneakers. Oh, it is your attitude.

9. Silence is my very best answer for a fool like you.

10. I'm not perfect, I'm limited edition

11. It Doesn't Do To Dwell On Dreams And Forget To Live Understand That.

12. Your attitude May Hurt Me However, Mine Could Kill You...

13. I'm Hot Dude With A Wonderful attitude. .

14. If attitude kills... I'm the weapon of mass destruction...

15. Sorry Vegetarians We Couldn'T Pretend.

16. Itz quite simple to conquer someone, but it is very tough to acquire somebody.

17. I really don't Have bad handwriting, I've my very own FONT.

18. I'm bad to the born. Proud to be an issue.

19. Call me a bitch and I will show you.

20. Tell me exactly what to do and I will tell you away.

21. Screw me and I will do it to you twice as bad.

attitude whatsapp status in english

22. My attitude According To The Way You Handle Me.

23. The Person With BeArD will never Look Weird

24. It is funny how some people think u hate them if u literally don't think of them whatsoever.

25. Always remember, you're bigger than your problems.......

26. I do not need your attitude that I have one of my very own Your Approval Isn't Needed.

27. I'm Me And I Willn'T Change Myself For anybody.

28. Stop Checking My Status ! Go Get A life!

29. Cann'T Take My Kindness for an Indication Of Weakness.

30. Yes ✔️I've an attitude, With Requirements Apply**

31. The Objective Isn't to be wealthy, The Aim is to become a legend.

32. My group is modest since I am in quality, not quantity!

33. Dear women, keep your heels and standard always high...!!

34. I am Poor. I Can not Pay Attention In Class Room.

35. Hurt Me With Truth But Never Comfort Me With lie.

36. Call me mad but really you don't have any idea.

37. If u think I'm BAD than you are wrong, I am the worst.

38. In case you don't like my attitude then quit talking to me personally.

39. Please do not get confused between my nature and my attitude.

40. Childhood is like being drunk, and everybody remembers what you did, except for you.

41. If you are feeling insulted I am just describing you. people might hate you.

42. I Do Not Need To Describe Myself As I Know I'M Right.

Status for girls attitude status for girls

43. Never hate something or somebody just because somebody else does...

44. Adopting the Ideal attitude can convert Negative pressure into a positive person.

45. LEGENDS do not die. I'm a LIVING EXAMPLE!

46. When I delete your number you are essentially deleted out of my life.

47. I have not slept for 10 days because that will be too long.

48. Treat me like a Queen and I will treat you Like a King However, Should you treat me like a match I will explain to you how it is played. .

49. I adore haters. You guys keep me inspired.

50. Life provides u with just what you need, not what you would like.

51. I'm 97% sure u do not like me, But I am 100% sure that I don't care.

52. It is so easy to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say then don't say it.

53. I am trendy but global warming made me sexy.

54. Do not be happy.I do not Really forgive people I just pretend like it is ok and await my turn to ruin them.

55. That is what about #Honor and #attitude, U can not turn it ON & OFF

56. I'm not an alternative. Either select me fucking lose me.

57. I do not care what people think or say about me I wasn't born with the earth to please everyone.

58. There are 3 sides to a debate. My side, your side, and the ideal side.

59. Love life. It includes an expiry date.

60. A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can not go anywhere till you alter it.

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