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White wines have to walk the deft tightrope of acidity and alcohol without letting them either dominate or throw things off-center. Here are the best ones.

White wines are often overlooked for reds, and that is one reason why, especially outside regions that specialize exclusively in white wines, the industry all over the world lags behind in churning out some top-quality stuff. 

A good white, if served right, can pair across a range of dishes, including some very rich ones, which would traditionally only be placed with a glass of red besides. Here is my In order of some, choose the top 10 preference. Most are available in multiple states, but very few can truly claim to have a nationwide reach.

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J’NOON White: 

This is not the first oak-aged white wine, but it is one that marries the flamboyance of polished oak and the nuanced subtlety of gently aromatic wine. Limited to 2,400 bottles per annum, this is a very worthy find, one that will age well too.

KRSMA Sauvignon Blanc:

KRSMA admittedly focuses more on reds, but this one white manages to sit pat between a Loire and a Kiwi style SB, so, in that sense, it embodies an individual identity that sets it apart.

indian white wines

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Sula Sauvignon Blanc: 

Sula’s iconic white has always been a benchmark in the industry and has only raised the bar every year. For the price, it packs freshness and crispness that is almost astounding to achieve in a climate as warm as Nashik.

Grover Zampa VA White Blend:

The Vijay Amritraj series is great for both reds and whites. This is an oak-aged Viognier, a grape that holds much promise (and potential) for Indian climes and soils, and is only beginning to be unwrapped. Grover’s does it superbly well, and this wine is a versatile choice paired with Indian fare.

white wine brands in india with price list

Sula Riesling: 

Riesling is not a grape that likes hot climes, and yet, Sula has a wine that, although a bit on the off-dry side, shows a lovely lean structure, with tenacious acidity. It’s the only winery working with a mono-varietal Riesling, and they do it very well.

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York Chenin Blanc: 

Chenin has always been a star in Indian soils, but few wineries get the right expression, one that is distinctly different from the Loire and South African versions, and yet shows enough character to be worthy of attention. York makes an effortlessly light version, floral and citrus, gentle, but with decent body and length.

Fratelli M/S Rosé: 

Since I won’t have any place to stick in the rosés, I will do it here, and this one is a lovely little number, fresh, vibrant, fruity, berries aplenty, but also taut, like a strawberry tart. Elegant and charming, a serious fun wine.

which is the best indian wine

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Fratelli M/S White: 

The Steven Spurrier Piero Masi combo works well, and they have aged to put out wines that show balance, depth, and flavor. It’s predominantly Chardonnay with some SB for the good, crisp measure.

Reveilo Chardonnay Reserve:

Possibly India’s first reserve oak-aged Chardonnay, but it has its good and not-so-great vintages, so always best to try the current one. The wine can age extremely well and holds its nervy acidity well past two to three years.

Sula The Source Grenache Rosé: 

This rosé is a class one from the Sula stable, expressive but not too overdone, definitely posh and restrained. It’s very Provencal in style and that is a style that, although new to India, is all the rage around the world right now.

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