Naturacel Anti-Aging Cream Facts

Naturacel Anti-Aging Cream Facts

I would have expected if someone were to have seen me a few months ago, they would have never guessed that I had just turned 40. They would have guessed that I had turned maybe 50 or 55 with the condition that my skin was in. In fact, my friends had recently started asking me in the previous couple of years if I was okay or if something was stressing me out. I never realized why they would ask such questions but I would always reply with the same answer that I was great. 

Only the next morning after I turned 40, did one of my neighbors, who probably overheard the birthday function, wish me a happy birthday and ask how old I was and then proceed to guess himself and say 46 that I realized people think I look older than I am. I was devastated. I became consciously observant, looking at all my friends and realizing that they do actually look a lot younger than I do. I needed a solution, one that I could do from the privacy of my home and one that wouldn’t involve lengthy ways. 

An anti-aging cream was the most obvious answer. You see many advertisements on the television of such creams but I am the kind of person who does not stupidly spend my hard-earned money. So I began looking for some cheaper and possibly more effective creams online. I got one cream that looked promising called Naturacel.


This is a very personal and critical review of Naturacel so I will be going in-depth into what the cream is and what my experience of it was. Firstly, we will look at what the cream is and what it promises to the consumer about itself.

The official website for this product begins by claiming this is ‘Better than Botox’ and is an ‘injection-free solution for younger looking skin’. There is also an image of the product itself and on it says ‘Erase Time’. This is all good and fine but it sounds like cheap ways to grab the attention of consumers. What we need to look at is what is inside this product and what it will actually do for us. The latter of these can be answered again right from the top as this product claims to cause an:

“84% increase in skin moisturization”.

“95% reduction in micro wrinkles”.

“73% increase in skin elasticity”.

Now a couple of these claims do look believable if I be honest. Usually, one would find that companies like to claim that their product is crazy and it solves all the problems in the world. Here we see that they have claimed a somewhat modest 73% increase in skin elasticity which if they really wanted could also claim to be much higher. But again we see the same issue in the second claim. Could you ever believe that 95% of your wrinkles would disappear from this cream? That would make my skin as smooth as an infant’s.


There are no mentions of any ingredients on the website. This was very concerning for me as I am that kind of critical person, something you may have already guessed by the fact I am actually reviewing this item, who always checks the label for the ingredients. There is only a mention of the science behind what the ingredients do. So what I did was I went ahead and researched what aging was and if it actually matches the science that they have given on their website.

First, we should look at why the skin ages to begin with. The fibers (collagen and elastin) in your skin begin to harden, becoming thicker and lose their shape eventually becoming loose resulting in the formation of wrinkles. In the later ages above 30, the skin begins to dry and lose its natural moisture. Fat cells in the face begin to diminish in size which may sound like it is a good thing however losing the fat in your face means that your face begins to lose its shape and the excess skin (behind which the fat was settled) begins to hang as wrinkles.

Now, comparing this to what their site has written about what Naturacel does we see that it is pretty accurate. They also talk about collagen and ellastin and how their product boosts the production and secretion of these fibers. This made me pretty confident about Naturacel that at least it will counter directly the reasons why the skin ages to begin with.


My Experience with Naturacel

I was sufficiently convinced enough to order myself and try the product out, after all they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. When the product arrived I wasted no time in starting to use it. I used the product for the first week without any noticeable changes to my appearance or my skin. I have to be honest, I was really disappointed however the website said that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and it had only been one week since I had started using the cream so I thought I’d continue using the product a couple more weeks. 

In the second week of using Naturacel, I felt that my skin was softer to the touch and also felt considerably moisturized even when I didn’t have the cream on. But this didn’t alleviate my disappointment. Instead I began to think any moisturizing cream would have been so much cheaper and done exactly what Naturacel has done in a couple of weeks but instead done it in a day. 

It was still just the second week and I had 2 more weeks I could use the product before getting a refund so I decided to continue using the product. It was in this week that I felt that my wrinkles were fading and the fine lines were disappearing. I felt the hope rush back into me as I entered the fourth week of using the product. At the end of this week my husband started commenting on my skin that I look so much more youthful. 

The wrinkles had minimized greatly and most of the fine lines had gone and my skin also looked plumper and looked like it had a bit more definition to it.

Did I face any Side Effects?

I did not experience any adverse side effects. However every person is different and before using this on your face I would recommend using it on another part of your body like the back of your hand for example. You can never be too careful and after all we don’t want anyone to have their condition worsened. I was desperate that’s why is used it directly on my face but I don’t recommend this.

Would I Recommend Nutracel?

After all the doubts I had about the product I can safely say that yes I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing the same issues I was. This product had done more for me than I could have ever expected it would have in just less than 30 days and without any side effects. Good thing too as at the start I was having big doubts and thinking of getting my money back!

All in all I am very happy with the product and I am really happy I found it. I will be recommending this to my friends who have already noticed the much difference! Please be aware this trial offer is not forever. They will eventually charge you the full amount after your trial ends and send you more. So keep an eye on your bank balance and make sure you don’t get more than the amount you ordered to avoid any unnecessary costs.

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