Going The Natural Way

Going The Natural Way

If the over sanitized smell of hospitals send you into a frenzy, then these calming and relaxing natural birthing centers will be a boon. 

Giving birth and bringing a new life into the world is one of the most beautiful moments of a woman's life. While the pain is inevitable, the thought of being attached to thousands of machines and the whole hospital environment is quite daunting. That is why many women in today’s time are inclined towards natural childbirth. Natural birth is non-interventional, vaginal birth without any medical assistance, until necessary; where the mother is allowed to bring her baby into this world at her own pace and in her own space. 

Although this process is quite a rage in the west, the concept of natural birthing centers are still a niche concept in India. As we become more aware and want to be closer to nature, and away from the disinfectant smell of the hospital, the acceptance of natural birthing centers is gaining momentum in India as expecting parents are rejecting the techno-medical model of childbirth that involves anesthesia and lots of medical intrusions. 

Midwives, doulas, Lamaze classes, water birthing—these are just a few common terms you hear when you decide to go for natural birthing. Waterbirth is simply an extension of natural vaginal birthing, where the mother gives birth to her baby under the water, usually in a warm water tub. This process is said to be less painful and more relaxing for the mother. 

The big question is—where are these services available? Well, there are a few birthing centers here, but they are scattered across the country. So, while honeymoons, vacations, and babymoons are quite common, how about a pregnancy retreat for the expecting parents? 

For all the pregnant couples or people planning to have a baby, we list out some well known natural birthing centers across India, where you can plan your pregnancy retreat to.


With beautiful beaches, and breathtaking backwaters, Kerala is rightly called God's country and you can bring a new life into this world in this very place, a birth village. This is one of the most popular natural birthing centers in India. The non-clinical homely atmosphere of this place gives the would-be-mothers a comfortable environment to relax in. 

They have spacious birthing rooms with hot water, a birth pool, birth stool, squatting rope, and even candle lights to calm your nerves when labor pain hits you hard. Birthvillagealso provides space for yoga and exercise classes, as well as Lamaze preparation classes to ease the birthing process. In case of emergency, they keep all the necessary medical equipment at hand.


Hindi word daimaa roughly translates to the midwife, and Daimaas Natural Birth& Wellness Centre in Mumbai takes you back to the time when giving birth in a hospital wasn’t a norm or normal, for that matter. This one is a complete wellness center. 

They provide you with services like natural birthing, water birthing, pregnancy counseling, infertility treatment, prenatal and postnatal classes, obstetrics, and even family planning services. They will help you throughout your pregnancy and try to give you a relaxed and soothing experience. 


With a strong belief that women's bodies have the innate wisdom to give birth naturally, without unnecessary interventions, The Sanctum in Hyderabad gives mothers-to-be a full trial of labor, as long as there is no real medical emergency. This birth center has a strong team that comprises midwives, OB/Gyns, doulas, and pediatricians. 

The skilled and experienced midwives and doulas here are quite efficient in guiding the nervous parents through the whole process. Besides natural birthing, they provide water birthing services, Lamaze classes, prenatal yoga, prenatal massages, postnatal exercise, weight loss assistance, and infant massages as well. 


If you thought that water birthing is a new concept for India, then think again. Wayback in 2003, Tulip Women’s HealthcareCentre delivered their first “water baby” and they have been widening their horizon ever since. They also provide hydro labor services to help the mother in birthing. 

Most recently, Dr. Sheetal J Sabharwal and Dr. Rajeev V Punjabi at this center helped Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin with hydro labor and water birthing, to welcome her little girl into this world. Here, you will be in the safe and experienced hands of experts.

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