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What is a virus?

Viruses are non-cellular, microscopic infectious agents that will solely replicate within a number cell.

• From a biological perspective, viruses can't be classified either as living organisms nor non-living.

o this can be because of the very fact that they possess sure shaping characteristic options of living organisms and non-living entities.

• during a shell, an endemic may be a non-cellular, infectious entity created from genetic material and supermolecule which will invade and reproduce solely among the living cells of bacterium, plants and animals.

o they're referred to as non-cellular as a result of they don’t have a cell structure, rather solely the genetic material.

• Viruses are the border between living and nonconscious organisms.

o They act as living organisms after they are gift during a host organism (cell), Otherwise, they're nonconscious organisms.

o They're crystal-like structures after they are outside and become infecting and deadly after they enter a living cell.

o Viruses are inert outside a number cell, so they're referred to as virions.

• Some viruses partly contain DNA (DeoxyRibonucleic acid) or ribonucleic acid (Ribonucleic acid) with single or double strands. It will get into the DNA of the host organism.

• Viruses are classified on the idea of genetic material - ds DNA (polio), dsRNA, ssDNA, ssRNA (orthomyxoviruses).

• Viruses cause diseases among animals and plants. mosaic and mosaic are the common microorganisms diseases among plants; varicella, AIDS and Ebola fever are the common microorganisms animal diseases.

• Viroids and prions are the infecting proteins and ribonucleic acid, they lack cell covers sort of a virus or the other eukaryotes. They were discovered by T Dienner in 1971 and these also are chargeable for diseases among animals. E.g. mad cow sickness.

What is a novel coronavirus or COVID-19?

1. Normally, coronavirus could be a giant family of viruses that are usually the supply of metabolic process infections, as well as respiratory disease.

2. The majority of the viruses are somewhat typical among creatures, but an average of, AN animal-based coronavirus mutates with success uncovers a character's host.

3. As stated by our earth Health firm, during past outbreaks due to substituting coronaviruses, human-to-human transmission happened during droplets or items causing touch indicating the transmission style of their 2019-nCoV could possibly be indistinguishable. Manifested signs or symptoms can hamper fever, fever and shortness of breath. Antibiotics do not work contrary to this viral illness and you will find no actual offences contrary to them.

4. More important is that the new understanding that the virus is more infectious throughout incubation, which is even in front of someone who exhibits some signs. This feature amplifies transmissibility.

5. Due to this, travel bans across China are initiated and therefore the literal isolation of urban center (the place wherever the novel coronavirus happening took place) has been done.

6. Coronaviruses are an oversized Category of germs which can be typical in species of creatures, such as cows, camels, bats, and even cats. They trigger diseases starting from cold to the severe acute respiratory syndrome.

• In a few instances, creature coronaviruses will infect human beings, which may subsequently detract from person to person.

• This happened within the case of the severe acute respiratory syndrome and MERS coronaviruses. it's conjointly instructed that this can be happening within the current COVID-19 pandemic.

• Coronaviruses cause metabolic process infections in humans that are usually delicate, however typically, it may be fatal.

Coronaviruses are physically giant so much as viruses/germs move (26 -- 32 kilobases), Acquiring a coating of spike projections (that looks like a crown and Thus the title 'corona').

Novel Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19: A Man-Made Disaster

1. The relationship between animal disease pathogens — those of animal origin — and world pandemics don't seem to be new. within the last 5 years alone, the planet has two-faced outbreaks of dreadful viruses like hemorrhagic fever, MERS (Middle East metabolic process Syndrome), SARS (Severe Acute metabolic process Syndrome ) and currently Novel coronavirus.

2. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that globally, a few billion cases of health problems and numerous deaths occur each year from zoonoses, i.e, diseases and infections naturally transmitted between folks and vertebrate animals. Some hours of rising infectious diseases globally area unit zoonoses. Of the over thirty new human pathogens detected over the last 3 decades, seventy-fifth originated in animals.

3. According to United Nations agency, where there's shut combining of humans and animals, particularly the unregulated handling of blood and different body merchandise, as happens for instance in China’s animal markets, there area unit bigger probabilities of transmission of a pandemic from animals to humans, and its mutation to adapt to the frame.

4. Animal markets are breeding grounds as a result of there's free interchange of pathogens between species and mutations.


1. The novel coronavirus is being compared with the Severe Acute metabolic process Syndrome occurrence in 2002-03 that infected around 8000 patients and claimed nearly 800 lives. SARS is additionally an animal disease case, a part of the coronavirus family with clues inform to horseshoe round the bend in China because of the probably supply.

2. The first incidents were rumored in the province in Nov 2002.

3. It was the primary cause of a coronavirus family virus developing deadly pathogenicity besides high transmission.

4. The global economic loss thanks to SARS was calculable at between $30-$100 billion.

5. Ebola occurrence in Africa: There it was wild chimpanzees United Nations agency had the unwellness. It came into humans when these were killed and consumed.

COVID-19 and INDIA'S Response

1. The Department of Science and Technology and also the Science and Engineering analysis Board (SERB) demanded a short analysis Grant for Nano Coating COVID-19 in April 2020.

2. This fast project was necessary for the rising health care needs to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic. The comes area unit mentioned within the below:

Project 1

• looking substance Biomarker Signature for the Virus.
• the aim of this is often to know the infected Cell/Organism activity.
• Understanding these activities can facilitate in developing a vaccine/drug.

Project 2, 3 and 4

• These come to revolve around the main objective of Developing virucidal Coating or Anti-Viral Coating

• this can be accustomed spray-on Medical Equipment and protecting gear (Masks and Suits) to stop the unfold of extremely Contagious Viruses

• These coatings area units aimed to be of chemical compound Compounds which can kill the virus utterly upon contact.

Project 5

• Developing Lipid-based Gel which will inactivate/kill the COVID-19 exploitation of the captured antibodies.

Impact On INDIA

1. In India, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has declared one positive case of a unique coronavirus patient in Kerala.

2. Since the Asian nations associated Nepal share an open border, the coronavirus cases being according to Nepal may be a sign of grave concern for the Asian nations.

3. However, the way, the Kerala government restricted the Nipah virus natural event in could 2018 was a motivating deed. this could be replicated just in case Novel coronavirus spreads across the Asian nations.

4. Nipah is additionally animal disease and created the jump from fruit loco to humans. although there have been 17 deaths in the Asian nations, effective quarantine measures by native authorities prevented the unfold. The State health machinery and native administration (without watching for directions from Union government) responded with briskness with several dose observation. This proactivity prevented the unfold of the virus and Kerala was declared Nipah-free among a month.


1. Infectious diseases together with those of the animal disease selection area unit on the increase in the Asian nation. additionally, regions in the Asian nations suffer from seasonal outbreaks of breakbone fever, protozoal infection and grippe strains. during this context:

2. The nation-wide unwellness police investigation program must be reinforced.

3. Given the expansion potential of India’s biotech sector, it's time to place in situ a sturdy public-private partnership model that will remodel the health services sector within the country, covering unwellness police investigation, diagnostic kit convenience and accelerated vaccinum development.

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